Monday, November 07, 2005


okay I'm working on a ton of things right now. A ridiculous amount, really.

- A burgundy variegated wool purse with bamboo handles. This is basically done, I just have to sew the second handle in and line it. I got some really cool teal and purple silky liner at Dressew for about $2/meter. This purse has been sitting in it's unfinished state for about two months and I'm pretty embarassed by that fact.

- My left mitt still needs a thumb and it's getting cold. HELP!

- Hockey skate baby booties for my brother. One is finished, the other one should be coming off the needles soon. So adorable.

- Anniversary Sweater from knitty for my bf. I have been working on this for months, doesn't look like he'll be wearing it this winter, I've finished the back and am almost done the front but still have sleeve and seam sewing hell left.

- Dayflower scarf. I just started this last night because I had some green mohair screaming at me from my stash. In one sitting I got about a quarter of it done so this one should go fast.

- Burgundy "Voodoo" scarf

*sigh* And I've been finding so many patterns for things I want to make. On the upside, I am managing to shrink down my yarn stash so will be able to go SHOPPING soon :)