Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Needle Felting

I got my needle felting kit I won off Ebay yesterday and tonight practiced my hand at a simple sampler mat.

It's kind of neat, like painting with fiber. I think I'll try felting soap next.

I think I have a problem

I'm going to post a whole slew of FO backup at the end of this post, but first a little story to demonstrate the insanity that can envelop the mind of a knit-happy dimwit such as myself.

Last week I was over at my friend Kathleen's place as we were up to our weekly get-drunk-and-eat-bad-food shenanigans. This week we decided to just stay in at her place with a couple bottles of wine, some pizza, and a rented movie.

Prior to starting the movie (but halfway through the wine and one very bad episode of "Rockstar") I spied out of the corner of my eye a ball of Bernat Handicraft yarn. Now it wasn't just sitting out in the open, it was actually tucked into a basket (somehow I have x-ray vision when it comes to seeking out craft supplies).

I immediately rummaged through the basket (hey, we're all friends here) to seek out the treasure, then it dawned on me....what the heck is Kathleen doing with yarn? She is not the crafty type. She cannot sew a button on a shirt, I don't even think she owns a sewing kit. Anyway, she entered the room to see me guiltily holding this ball of yarn with her basket of posessions on my lap. I immediately demanded "What is this? Well I know what this is, but what are YOU doing with it?" She claimed that her mom and aunt had bought her knitting "stuff" so she could learn the ancient craft, it went into the basket, and she never thought about it again. Well! Knitting "stuff"? This must mean she had needles somewhere!

Sure enough, further rooting through the basket proved fruitful, as a pair of very short straight needles appeared at the bottom. Well now, I can't very well leave this ball of yarn unknitted, no matter how drunk I am. And, Kathleen could really use a new knitted dishcloth.

So I cast on, and happily started knitting in between sips of wine, bites of pizza, and jeers at the TV. I'm sure Kath thinks I'm insane. What kind of person knits while they hang out at their friends place. I'm sure you CV people that have wandered over to my blog can relate to a similar insanity when you have to use your buddies computer to check the forums while getting ready to go to the bar or something.

Anyway, the morals of the story are:

1) I am not normal,
2) If I am at your house and you have yarn, I will find it and I will knit,
3) My friends are very understanding people, who are often rewarded with knitted goodies.

Okay, on to the goods. My glorious new camera is enabling me to show off my FO's like never before.

Here we have my first pair of socks, made about 2 months ago. Once you try on a pair of handknit socks you will NEVER want to wear store bought again. God, these are heaven. AND because they're knit out of superwash wool they are machine wash/dryable. Now before you have a heart attack at the intricate pattern, I should say that this is a self patterning yarn and there is no way I would do fair isle socks like this ( I guess I shouldn't say there's NO way, but I wasn't up to the challenge with my first pair) This yarn is great, you just cast on and knit away and the pattern appears before your eyes. Anyway, less talk more socks:

Next up we have a knitted cotton bikini top. This looks much better when it's actually modelled, but I'm not posting my rack for the inter-world. Not today. I managed to snatch up this sage-green yarn at the Lewiscraft close out sale, alas there was not enough yarn for the matching bottoms so I had to settle with crocheting on a blue trim that will match my blue bikini bottoms. Yes, I know, I'm quite resourceful.

This next one isn't a FO yet, it's still on the needles. It's a scribble lace scarf out of some Mohair and some slub yarn ($2 at Daiso).

Here's a wacky green furry scarf I bought as a kit that was on sale. Of course it was on sale, I can't resist a sale. Anyway, it was knit up in about two hours and I have no idea what to do with it.

A cabled newsboy cap out of the last of my HUGE skein of surprisingly soft acrylic. This one ball of yarn made me two pairs of armwarmers, a kittyville hat, and this hat. For $3. Insane.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This comment applies to:

1) Finally leaping into the 21st century and buying a digital camera
2) Learning to spin yarn on a drop spindle.


Yes I know it's not much to look at, and it's even less to hold...but I'm proud of it (and I can easily see this becoming an addiction). I purchased a learn to spin kit off ebay (another first, ebaying) which has 2 spindles, 10 different kinds of fiber (.5 oz each), some hand lotion (which I discovered is very much needed when spinning) and some extras that my seller graciously included. Well it was waiting for me when I got home last night and this is what I managed to produce in an hour or so.

Corridale down, alpaca, llama, merino, bamboo, cotton, etc etc etc to go!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

New obsession + Olympic controversy

Okay, here is the story on armwarmers.

Way back in January my sister requested a pair of knitted armwarmers for her 19th Birthday, which is at the end of February. Great! Cool, I have just the pattern for it, and have been meaning to make some.

Well, being the dork I am, I signed up for the knitting olympics and thought these armwarmers would be perfect. For some reason I totally overestimated the time it would take to make these, and the result was that I was finished the pair of them 3 days into the olympics. The whole idea of the knitting olympics was to challenge yourself with a project that you would be hard-pressed to complete in the 14 days. So what do I do, pick something easy that took 3 days. I don't know what I was thinking. The organizer of the whole K.O. managed to make a Dale of Norway sweater during the competition. That is just insane.

Anyway, after realizing how easy the armwarmers were to make, I've been knitting up a storm:

And that is the armwarmer story.


I've cleaned out my UFO pile (unfinished object for you non-knitter-lingo-savvy-types)

Anniversary Sweater - done (he's even worn it a couple times) I won't post pics until I can get a GOOD one that will do it justice.

Burgundy purse w/bamboo handles - done. Well, the second handle has been attached and it is awaiting the lovely lining I purchased for it. But really, it's basically done. I guess I'll take pics after I get the lining sewn in.

Entrelac scarf - done. It's hanging in my closet, though I still think I'll give it away to someone.

Brown and teal bolero - done. Really cute, really really cute. Again pics to come when I get a good camera (supposedly this month)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Overload Update

I'm really trying to streamline my projects on the go, really trying hard.....

- Anniversary Sweater for my bf. I know, this is ridiculous...I have been working on this for almost a year. Anyway, I have finished the front and back, as well as joined them at the shoulders and knitted up a roll down collar (which he I have to get creative and do some frogging) as well as finishing one sleeve. I really need to make that second sleeve a priority. Poor guy :(

Entrelac Scarf - I work a few squares of this when I need a break from another project, I'm in no hurry to complete it. I picked chocolate brown, baby pink, and light lime green for this scarf several months ago, but now that I've been knitting it up it's not as lovely as I originally least to me. This one might go in the "gifting" collection when it's done.

-Dayflower Scarf - Another one for the gifting collection, probably for my bf's mom. This one was knit up in a Mohair/acrilyc blend called "Watercolours", it actually feels quite lovely.

- Burgundy Variegated purse with bamboo handle (notice, the singular) - this is still in it's same embarrasing state as when I last mentioned it. In fact, I completely forgot about this until I read my blog and saw it's sad little entry there. *sigh*

- The Voodoo Scarf has been frogged, now I have several tangled piles of burgundy voodoo and nothing to do with it :(

okay, that's all I feel like updating for now, rest assured there is tons more: Birthday presents for Danyelle, my first swap entry, and my foray into beaded jewellery land, as well as my own personal Olympic Knitting Controversy. :( Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Some of you faithful readers may have noticed a new little button on my sidebar, I am now a proud member for the 2006 Canadian Olympic Knitting Team.

I came across this fun little project on yarn harlot's blog and thought it looked like fun.

The project I am taking on (for my country, no less) is a set of Irish Hiking Armwarmers that my sister Danyelle has requested for her 19th birthday. I'm making them in a light sagey/olivey green colour to match the green frog hat I've already made (pics to come)

So beware! As of Feb 10 I will be knitting with gusto, for glory....and above all....for gold!!!!!!