Sunday, April 16, 2006

New obsession + Olympic controversy

Okay, here is the story on armwarmers.

Way back in January my sister requested a pair of knitted armwarmers for her 19th Birthday, which is at the end of February. Great! Cool, I have just the pattern for it, and have been meaning to make some.

Well, being the dork I am, I signed up for the knitting olympics and thought these armwarmers would be perfect. For some reason I totally overestimated the time it would take to make these, and the result was that I was finished the pair of them 3 days into the olympics. The whole idea of the knitting olympics was to challenge yourself with a project that you would be hard-pressed to complete in the 14 days. So what do I do, pick something easy that took 3 days. I don't know what I was thinking. The organizer of the whole K.O. managed to make a Dale of Norway sweater during the competition. That is just insane.

Anyway, after realizing how easy the armwarmers were to make, I've been knitting up a storm:

And that is the armwarmer story.


I've cleaned out my UFO pile (unfinished object for you non-knitter-lingo-savvy-types)

Anniversary Sweater - done (he's even worn it a couple times) I won't post pics until I can get a GOOD one that will do it justice.

Burgundy purse w/bamboo handles - done. Well, the second handle has been attached and it is awaiting the lovely lining I purchased for it. But really, it's basically done. I guess I'll take pics after I get the lining sewn in.

Entrelac scarf - done. It's hanging in my closet, though I still think I'll give it away to someone.

Brown and teal bolero - done. Really cute, really really cute. Again pics to come when I get a good camera (supposedly this month)