Friday, February 17, 2006

Overload Update

I'm really trying to streamline my projects on the go, really trying hard.....

- Anniversary Sweater for my bf. I know, this is ridiculous...I have been working on this for almost a year. Anyway, I have finished the front and back, as well as joined them at the shoulders and knitted up a roll down collar (which he I have to get creative and do some frogging) as well as finishing one sleeve. I really need to make that second sleeve a priority. Poor guy :(

Entrelac Scarf - I work a few squares of this when I need a break from another project, I'm in no hurry to complete it. I picked chocolate brown, baby pink, and light lime green for this scarf several months ago, but now that I've been knitting it up it's not as lovely as I originally least to me. This one might go in the "gifting" collection when it's done.

-Dayflower Scarf - Another one for the gifting collection, probably for my bf's mom. This one was knit up in a Mohair/acrilyc blend called "Watercolours", it actually feels quite lovely.

- Burgundy Variegated purse with bamboo handle (notice, the singular) - this is still in it's same embarrasing state as when I last mentioned it. In fact, I completely forgot about this until I read my blog and saw it's sad little entry there. *sigh*

- The Voodoo Scarf has been frogged, now I have several tangled piles of burgundy voodoo and nothing to do with it :(

okay, that's all I feel like updating for now, rest assured there is tons more: Birthday presents for Danyelle, my first swap entry, and my foray into beaded jewellery land, as well as my own personal Olympic Knitting Controversy. :( Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Some of you faithful readers may have noticed a new little button on my sidebar, I am now a proud member for the 2006 Canadian Olympic Knitting Team.

I came across this fun little project on yarn harlot's blog and thought it looked like fun.

The project I am taking on (for my country, no less) is a set of Irish Hiking Armwarmers that my sister Danyelle has requested for her 19th birthday. I'm making them in a light sagey/olivey green colour to match the green frog hat I've already made (pics to come)

So beware! As of Feb 10 I will be knitting with gusto, for glory....and above all....for gold!!!!!!