Sunday, October 14, 2007

well worth the wait...

My sockapalooza socks have arrived!! My partner knitted me up a pair of jaywalkers in my favourite colours (her own hand dyed colourway too!)

And lookie! Extra goodies! She sent along what was left of the sock yarn she used, a fabric drawstring bag, chocolate (yum) and a skein of what appears to be handspun yarn in a gorgeous chocolate brown.
Thanks Kate, you've spoiled me!

Here's the socks I sent to my pal:


Dragonfly Fiber Designs said...

Hey sock sistuh,
Sorry i was label-challenged as well as time-challenged. The socks are 100% superwash merino; wash carefully, tho, the colors will bleed some. the hand-spun is alpaca, overdyed a little b/c i didn't like the original color. Enjoy!

Beth said...

all gorgeous! :) you're lucky!!

_stranger_ said...


I have a foot fetish, and I'm really turned on by your site. My favourite thing is to see pictures of feet in knitted socks.

Are those your feet in the pic?

Do you wash your feet every day or no?


_stranger_ said...

I rubbed out a few more to the last one.

REALLY nice pic.