Friday, April 13, 2007

Delayed Fairly Easy Fair Isle

I made this "Fairly Easy Fair Isle" cardigan back in August specifically for my trip to Europe which I went on in September. It was a dream to make with Lopi on Addi's, and a super quick knit. I've been meaning to make another one in a Brown colourway, ah one of these days.

And here I am keeping snuggly in Amsterdam enjoying a nice picnic lunch and looking very hip (and quite jet-lagged) if I do say so myself...

And in the spirit of hipness, this is the Van Gogh Museum that I picnicked in front of in the above snapshot. Out of all the museums I visited on my trip (and there were many) this one had to be my favourite.

Oh and just for the heck of it, this is what I ate in said picnic....a 4 Euro grocery store lunch consisting of fruit, crackers, spiced gouda (I love you, dutch cheesemakers) and olives. That cartoned stuff there is Vla, it's like a drinkable chocolate pudding only it's got more protein and fills you up for the day. Bonus!

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