Sunday, May 29, 2005

Almost baby time!!!

Dad and Sasha are due pretty soon, within the next month or so I think. I went into panic mode because I started knitting this blanket about 3 months ago and as of 3 weeks ago was only about half-way done. So I busted my butt and finished it off in record time.

Close up of the center pattern:

And close up of the border, done in seed stitch:

I used 100% cotton yarn so it's nice and soft and washable. I'm so excited to give it to them tonight!!!

I also had some time and odds and ends of cotton yarn to make some adorable little hats:

I've been sewing a baby quilt for them too but it's not done, I'll post pics in a few weeks.

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choke_hold said...

my mom started knitting that baby blanket (to give to friends of mine who were expecting a baby). the baby is now almost a year old. the blanket is about 1/4 complete. i think that my momma is going to have to wait until some one else gets pregnant before she will be able to finish it/give it away.

your blanket is *adorable* btw.