Sunday, July 24, 2005


I have been making tons of things, but haven't really had time to post them...But I wanted to get this one on here before I give it to my sister today. I found this pattern @ and thought it was adorable so I made one up as a gift for my sister. It's a really quick project (I probably spent about 4 hours on it total) and I also made it a bit less "chubby" then the pattern calls for:


choke_hold said...

that is hilariously adorable.

Beth said...

i need to make this for my mother in law eventually...actually, her birthday is coming up...hrmmm...maybe i could make a little one out of some random acrylic i have at the bottom of my trunk....thanks for reminding me about the pattern! (yes, google reader picked up all of your old posts! haha!)